Inkless Printer Magic: PeriPage Favorite Fan Uses

Inkless Printer Magic: PeriPage Favorite Fan Uses

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Pocket-sized and versatile, the PeriPage inkless printer is a journal lover’s dream. Say goodbye to expensive ink cartridges and bulky printers and hello to the adorable, inkless printers from PeriPage.

Portable, durable, and pairable with your phone, stick around to find out such a small printer can create such big fun.

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Who is PeriPage?
PeriPage is a company based in Amoy dedicated to bringing the newest thermal printing technology right to your door.

With their adorable and portable zero ink printers, PeriPage has become a fast favorite among students, bloggers, and journal enthusiasts alike.

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No ink Cartridges Needed?
As unbelievable as it sounds, PeriPage printers are 100% ink-free.

This method of inkless printing is known as thermal printing.

Unlike normal printing paper, thermal printing is performed by applying heat to dye crystals in carbon paper. When these are met with heat pulses, they create pigment on the paper which becomes the image you are printing.

Pretty cool huh?

This means there are no ink cartridges, ribbons, or even toner cartridges. And not only does this save you money, but it's actually much more environmentally friendly. Did you know that just one ink cartridge takes around 450 years to decompose? Not to mention that only a quarter of the cartridges get recycled.

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Why are they a fan favorite?
Being eco-friendly and easy to use are just two of the reasons that PeriPage products are a fan favorite. To read an in-depth take on why PeriPage is so popular, read this article. But for now, let me just cover some of the bases quickly.

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The App
A big plus of the PeriPage is the matching app. Suitable for both iPhone and Android, it's handy and on the go. You even get rewards for signing up which is always fun.

Not only does the app allow you to print your own photos and graphics, but it also has a catalog of templates to choose from.

A big bonus is the ability to edit your images before printing. And I'm not just talking about the standard brightness and contrast, but also filters! Allow you to customize your prints until they are perfect.


Unlike the heavy, ink and toner printers that you find in offices, the PeriPage printers are made to be portable fun that you can take wherever you go. these printers can be carried to your friend's house for a journaling date, or even to school if you need to print something off.

Even the paper is portable, with one roll being just the size of your hand.


Fun Printer Paper
One of the best parts about the PeriPage is that the fun doesn't have to end with the images you choose to print. PeriPage offers an array of paper, ranging in color and function.

It's also worth noting that the paper is ink-free, BPA-free, water-resistant, oil-proof, and even scratch-free!



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