10 Ways To Benefit From An Inkless Printer--PeriPage Printer

10 Ways To Benefit From An Inkless Printer--PeriPage Printer

While technology constantly changes and evolves, so do the uses and demand for this ever-changing industry.  Someone from just 20 years ago would be completely clueless in a modern living room. 

We've gone from landlines to smartphones, tube TV sets to ultra HD smart TVs, and from Atari to VR headsets. 

But for some reason, a lot of us are using the same printer we've owned for more than a decade. 

It's time for an upgrade. An inkless printer is an amazing investment that can send you into the future. Keep reading to learn more about the biggest new addition to your workstation.

10 Ways To Benefit From An Inkless Printer--PeriPage Printer


What is an inkless printer?

The advanced tech behind inkless printers is supported by heat-based technology

This means you can say goodbye to all of those bulky, toxic, and expensive ink cartridges. Instead of ink and toner, these amazing photo printers apply heat to special dye crystals. 

Plus, these newer machines are much more compatible with your modern setup than those outdated, old-school printers. 

Chances are, thanks to modern technology, you'll find these printers much easier, as it has become an industry standard to connect a mobile app.

One of the only drawbacks is that, since standard printing paper is too thin for the heat from inkless printers, you'll need special carbon paper for your inkless printer. Of course, that's a small price to pay for a convenient and eco-friendly printer that'll save you both time and money in the long run.   

10 Ways To Benefit From An Inkless Printer--PeriPage Printer


Why are inkless printers great for the environment?

A study published by Science Direct pointed out the adverse effects that ink printing has both on human health and the environment, mentioning the wastefulness of consuming so much ink and toner, and stating that inked paper is harder to recycle. 

On top of that, PeriPage brings attention to the fact that ink cartridges themselves take up to 450 years to decompose, and that only a quarter of cartridges are recycled. so the actual ink isn't the only issue.

In contrast,  inkless printers use less material than clunky ink photo printers and create a fraction of the waste. If you frequently use your printer, then one of the best ways you can reduce your carbon footprint is by switching to a newer inkless model.

10 Ways To Benefit From An Inkless Printer--PeriPage Printer

What about supplies?

If they don't use ink, then what exactly do these fancy new printers use? 

The biggest practical difference for the consumer between inkless printers and standard ink printers is the paper. As we mentioned earlier, inkless printers use special carbon paper that's thick enough to stand up to the heat necessary for the inkless printing process. 

Inkless printing paper is roughly the size of your hand, which means that printing is great if you need a pocket printer that can print out some amazing photos on the go.

PeriPage offers a wide variety of inkless thermal paper specifically compatible with their products, selling everything from white photo paper to colored paper to sticky photo paper that's fantastic for labels or decorating your wall.


Overall, inkless printers use much fewer supplies than standard ink printers, and that's definitely one of the big selling points of these amazing products.

10 Ways To Benefit From An Inkless Printer--PeriPage Printer

Benefits include:


We've already hinted at a lot of the benefits that come with buying an ink-free printer, but now we're going to give you a full breakdown of everything that's waiting for you once you say goodbye to ink cartridges forever. Keep reading to find out exactly why you need an ink-free printer.


1: Portability

As the folks at PeriPage said themselves, "One of the biggest appeals of this new technology is its portability." Especially since the most common portable printer is a photo printer, it's pretty easy to understand why this technology might just become the best friend of any avid traveler. No more taking time out of your day to go to an office supplies store or waiting until you get home; no matter where you are, you'll be able to print out all of your amazing photos no matter what country your travels brought you to.

PeriPage's products come in three general sizes of small, medium, and large, and even the large size can fit easily in your backpack, while the small size is probably smaller than your smartphone. Buy a portable photo printer and say goodbye to the days of struggling to rearrange your computer desk to find room for your bulky inkjet printer. With wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, PeriPage's printers have you covered.


2: Ease-of-use

Because an ink-free printer is a newer piece of technology, it's made with all of your other modern products in mind. PeriPage has its own app that makes printing photos and images a breeze, as do other manufacturers like Zink, and almost every inkless photo printer is both Bluetooth and wi-fi compatible. This means that you can quickly and easily use features like wi-fi to send all of your photos straight to your computer or smartphone, or just print them immediately. 

This easy sharing also means that these convenient devices will let you quickly share your photos to social media. Whether you prefer physical prints or you want a digital image catalog, customers across the technological spectrum will be thrilled with their new ink-free printer.  


3: Amazing Quality

A blog post on NCCO.com pointed out that specialized healthcare units use thermal printing because they trust the quality more than old-fashioned inkjet technology. That's a pretty good indicator that you'll get some beautiful print quality from your new portable printer. And since you can use ink-free printing to print everything from image prints to labels, you'll be able to get everything you need in the amazing image quality that you deserve. ink-free printing is not just a gimmick. It's the real deal.


4: Eco-Friendly

It's impossible to live a completely green lifestyle without moving to an island and living in the jungle, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you go with a PeriPage product or the other one, your ink-free printer is sure to reduce your negative impact on the environment. We've already discussed how bad ink cartridges are, and that they even make it more difficult to recycle printing paper. If you want to do your part to save the planet, then you should definitely consider thermal paper and an ink-free printer for your prints, images, and labels. 


5: Speed

It's 2021, and people don't like to wait. In an age of lightning-fast technology, it seems like a waste to use a printer that still takes minutes to print out a single sheet of paper, especially if you're doing a lot of printing. Thankfully, with inkless printing, that's not an issue. Thanks to the thermal-based printing process, ink-free image prints are made in just milliseconds, so you'll be able to print an entire page of photos or business cards in the time it takes to load a few web pages. 


6: Convenience

The best part about saying goodbye to ink means never getting that untimely "no ink" message ever again. As Inkless co-founder Arnaud van der Veen put it "Apart from the environmental benefits, you will never be faced with empty cartridges at inopportune times." There are more benefits than just the cost of throwing away your ink cartridges.


7: Reduced Costs

Between the price of the actual printer and the savings you'll make by not buying ink, it's financially irresponsible to not buy an inkless product for your printer. An inkjet printer will probably cost at least $100 while you can easily get a PeriPage product for much less than that. The only place you'll lose money is on thermal paper as opposed to standard printing paper, but I promise it'll more than balance out in the end.


8: Less Repairs

It kind of feels like your printer is always broken, doesn't it? Luckily, as NCCO points out, inkless alternatives have fewer moving parts than the old-fashioned inkjet printer sitting in your office. This means less opportunity for something to go wrong, fewer inconvenient jams, and less money spent on repairs.


9: Versatility

We've already shown you all of the different images and prints you can make with inkless products, and that feature speaks for itself. It's pretty inconvenient to print a nice photo or label on an ink printer with anything other than standard printing paper, but because inkless models take different types of paper, you can quickly print a nice, lamented photo, a sticky-backed label, and more. 

The world is your oyster with an inkless photo printer.


10: Cord-Free

While closely related to our first benefit, there's something amazing about not being limited to an outlet anymore every time you need to print. 

Thanks to battery-powered devices, wi-fi, and Bluetooth, you can print anything, anytime, anywhere. And on top of that, ink-free printer batteries can last up to one week on standby, so you won't need to feel like you have another charger that needs to be with you 24/7 on top of your phone charger.


10 Ways To Benefit From An Inkless Printer--PeriPage Printer


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